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Finding Cheats for Forge of Empires

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There is nothing more fun than playing a game on the computer or on your smartphone. It can be a relaxing escape when you get home from work, or it can be a fun leisure task you do on your days off. Either way, it is an entertaining way to spend some of your free time. Forge of Empires is one of the more popular games. It is a game which allows you to build a city in the Stone Age, and progress through different time periods. You can find Forge of Empires cheat codes online as well, which can make the game more fun. There is some strategy involved to make the gameplay more fun and exciting.

Game cheats have been around for a long time. They allow the player to do one of two things. Continue reading

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I Found a New Roommate

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Of course I was not in a position to be too picky, since Johnny packed up all his stuff and vanished while I was at class and left me on the hook for his part of the rent. I told the landlord about it, but he had little sympathy and was not interested in collecting half the rent. At any rate I started asking around and I found this guy. He is a little strange and this morning I realized that he was trying to figure out how to hack an instagram account. I did not want to get involved in that, but I realized pretty quickly that he is obsessed with his ex girlfriend. She is the reason that he needed a new place to stay, and from the picture he showed me, I suppose there is a good reason for him to be upset. Continue reading

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Social Media Provides Quick Look into My Life and Business

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I recently spent a week in Florida visiting my brother, his wife and their two sons. My nephews are very into all things technical and love communicating with their friends via social media. While my brother had to spend a day of my visit finishing up a work project, I spent the time with my nephews learning that my Facebook account was lame and downloading Snapchat to share some of my vacation photos. I was worried about a snapchat password hack but my eldest nephew explained that my photos on Snapchat would be set to only be viewable for a few seconds and were not meant to be anything more than quick fun photos of what I was seeing in the world around me and nothing that I would feel uncomfortable or worried about posting.

After downloading the app and adding my nephews as friends, I received some photos from them that were silly and fun little glimpses into their personalities. Continue reading

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The Tree Was Costing Me Too Much Money

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When my sewer pipes were backed up, I hired a professional to come out and inspect my drains. The news he gave me was not good. There is an old tree about ten feet away from the pipes, and the roots were slowly overtaking it. I knew that I was going to have to take care of both issues, the one with the pipes as well as the tree itself. I contacted a company that does tree removal in Long Island, and they came out to give me a free estimate on what could be done.

I had been feeling bad about wanting to take the tree down in the first place, but I just could not afford to keep replacing the pipes since the roots were evidently strong. The good news, in a way, was that the tree was not as healthy as I had thought it was, so taking it down was actually the right thing to do anyway. They gave me the estimate on taking the tree down, including removing the stump and the roots, and it was a really good offer. Continue reading

Book Review – Maximized Manhood: A Guide To Family Survival

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Edwin Louis Cole has been actively involved in men’s ministry for decades. He is direct and sincere in his approach to manhood and spirituality. In the mainstream media, he will not be politically correct. In the spiritual niche, he is refreshingly direct and sincere. His books usually focuses on man and his critical role of being a spiritual leader for his family.

In his book,”Maximized Manhood: A Guide To Family Survival”, Edwin Louis Cole discusses the critical role of men to become men. He focuses on the issue that men to ask for guidance from God to lead their families which will cure a lot of issues and problems with society today. When he discusses the importance of the man to become a man of the family, he does not ask them to be a dictator. Being a dictator will actually cause more harm to the family. He succinctly states that the bible mentions that the man should be joint heirs with their wives in leading their family.

Now, being spiritual does not mean being religious. The very foundation of any country will eventually go down to the individual family unit. Within those family units, it does matter what the members and leaders are doing. If the leader is strong, then the family unit will benefit from that strength. If the leader is weak, then the family unit and even the country will suffer from that weakness. The strength of the leader is also found on them to be yielding and kind.

His basis for the statements he make are in the bible. He quotes various biblical verses to reinforce his message about men and their families. It is noted in the book that many of our problems in society occurs because of the breakdown at the familial level. There are instances in the book in which the father figure is usually portrayed as an extreme in television. They are either bigoted and obnoxious or they are soft and wimpy. You will rarely see a strong and understanding father figure.

If you are offended by these discussions especially in relating to the bible, then this book will offend you. It will either change your ways or make you stubborn. If you are looking for a spiritual and biblical basis on what it takes to be a man, then this book will even enlighten you more. It is a book built on spiritual and biblical truths. It will definitely help any man understand Christian principles to become a better man for himself and his family.


A Book Review: How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling by Frank Bettger

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The book How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success in Selling was written by Frank Bettger in 1947. It is considered a business classic. I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed the book and found that I read it quickly and with pleasure. It was filled with fabulous stories that inspired me. The chapter and section summaries were helpful to solidify the ideas and are a handy reference for future review. Although Frank Bettger was a life insurance salesman, the information applies to all areas of sales.

Here is a brief overview of some of the key points that Bettger discussed. Begin with enthusiasm. It is said he went from failure to success in his life because he discovered the power of enthusiasm. Bettger suggests forcing yourself to act enthusiastic, and you will eventually actually be enthusiastic.

Write your sales talk out word for word and practice it over and over. Join an organization where you must speak so that you may practice and improve your public speaking ability.

Bettger recommends taking a day each week for organizing and planning the week ahead. Do what is most importance first.

In sales, you must see people and set up interviews or appointments. He recommends sharing your story with at least 4 or 5 people each day. Sell the interview not your product at first. Stop swinging for a home run and instead try to get on first base by getting an appointment.

Bettger stated, “I no longer worry about being a brilliant conversationalist. I simply try to be a good listener. I notice that people who do that are usually welcome wherever they go.”

Cultivate the art of asking questions. Be brief and don’t talk too much. Look for and find the key issue and stick to it. Ask the question “why” and “In addition to that… ?” Find out what the other person wants and help him or her find the best way to get it.

There is only one way to get someone to do something and that is to make him or her want to do it. There are generally two reasons for doing something-one reason that sounds good and the real reason. Welcome objections and find the hidden objection.

Bettger has a chapter that discusses the close of sales. There are four steps to the average close: attention, interest, desire, and close.

Know your business, and praise your competitors. Never exaggerate!

New customers are the best source of new business-referrals. Follow up on leads immediately and report back results good or bad.

Look your best, dress for success. Be a sincere friend and give everyone a genuine smile. Remember names and faces! Get a good understanding and pronunciation of the name, repeat the name often in conversation, and associate the name with an action picture if possible.

Lastly Bettger suggested deciding on thirteen personal qualities or traits to work on each week. You could also choose a part of the sales process. Put these points of focus on notecards and give your full attention to one each week and then repeat.

This summary is simply a highlight of topics that Bettger dives into with his outstanding book. I highly recommend it for anyone in sales! The book has been a testimony to the quality of Frank Bettger’s life and success in sales. He was one of the highest paid salesmen in America. Many years after his death and the era of his writing, the advice is sound and timeless. Frank Bettger died in 1988 at the age of 93.


Book Review – 2 States-The Story of My Marriage

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In the book “2 States-The Story of My Marriage”, Chetan Bhagat has done an absolutely outstanding job in dissecting the psyche of the modern day Indian middle class family and brilliantly narrating in fiction the very real issues that people go through when inter caste/creed/religious/state marriages take place. Relationships are built. Lives are turned upside down. Humongous efforts are made to bring about even a semblance of acceptance. Relationships are broken. Sometimes they stay broken and sometimes (thankfully) things get sorted out and in the end love triumphs, as Bhagat’s characters in 2 States witness.

The book very cleverly begins with the protagonist of the story – a Punjabi boy called Krish Malhotra, in a shrink’s office, doing a class Devdas act, trying desperately to come to terms with the apparent loss of the love of his life- a Tamilian Brahmin girl called Ananya Swaminathan. It then goes into flashback mode, where the love story begins “where all love stories begin”- with Krish and Ananya meeting for the very first time at the mess counter of the IIMA, where they both are fellow student-each with ambitions of their own and the ambitions driven by their own reasons.

Krish, who shares a horribly impaired relationship with his father, also has to deal with an overprotective overzealous mother, who wants him to marry the first Punjabi girl that comes his way, strapped with a fleet of cars, house and money as dowry. The Malhotra family is as dysfunctional as any family can get, with Mr and Mrs Malhotra on non-speaking terms, Mr Malhotra with a fiery temper and unhindered rage and Mrs Malhotra’s large numbers of interfering relatives.

The vivacious and bold Ananya on the other hand, comes from a typical conventional, well educated and education hungry Tamilian Brahmin family in Chennai, completely contrasting to her rebellious, outgoing, personality. Born to a quiet, reserved father, she is closest to him, while she and her mother share a frustrating albeit interesting relationship. She also has a bookworm of a sibling, whose only aim in life seems to be to become more of a bookworm and possibly graduate from the top ranking institutions in the country.

Amidst tumultuous family issues, irate professors, truckloads of study material and raging hormones, the two meet, fall in love over many conversations, study periods, chicken and lots of chai. As they graduate and accept their respective placements, their relationship progresses to one of complete commitment but corresponding non-acceptance from the respective families.

Bhagat then plunges into knitting and weaving his way through their respective lives and the various attempts they both make to please the other’s family. After lots of emotional upheavals and a breakup, he wonderfully gives the story a turn that I definitely wasn’t expecting. Suffice it to say, the novel ends in a happy Tamil-Punjabi marriage-a freakish North meets South scenario, which brings a warm feeling to the heart and a smile to the face.

As an author, Chetan Bhagat has taken risks with some language that may not go well with the oldies, but then the book is aimed at the youth of India anyways. And they relate to him. He has fast become a youth icon and his attempts to bring about a change in the narrow mindset among our people, his entreating to young Indians to marry outside their caste to promote the feeling of Indian-ness and not be bound to one’s own caste, promises some very positive change in the county. Based on his own life, Bhagat has been fairly brave by not restraining himself in his assertions about the sexual romps of youth and his sarcasms about the Punjabi and Tamil communities, as well as his own parents, in-laws and Citibank. But this is the very reason for the original story which has a genuine, honest touch to it. That is something every reader appreciates.

Once a reader begins the book, it would be rather difficult for him/her to put it down and it would in all probability goad the reader into reading Bhagat’s previous works too namely ‘One Night @ the Call Centre’, ‘3 Mistakes of My Life’ and ‘Five Point Someone’.

Carry on Chetan-Your loyal fans await!


Book Review – "Beyond Belief" by Josh Hamilton

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Josh Hamilton is a true success story. He has had it all, hit rock bottom, and now he is truly back at the top of the mountain. As a boy, he became interested in baseball at a very early age, and was so good at the game that he was placed in much older leagues before he was even ten years old. He had such a strong arm and powerful swing that he was thought to be a danger to the boys his own age that he played little league baseball with.

As he became older, he carried on the strong morals that his parents instilled in him while still a young boy. He was taught that family is the most important thing in life and found joy in staying home on nights when his friends were out risking trouble. He entered high school and began to realize immediately that he had major league potential and made it his goal to reach the big leagues. His dreams came true when he graduated high school and was signed number one in the major league draft, accepting an offer and signing bonus of over four million dollars.

Hamilton’s transition to stardom and becoming a man was awkward. His parents followed him through the minor leagues to make sure he did get into trouble and some of his teammates and coaches found this strange. He was sheltered all of his life, and now at his job, they were still sheltering him.

When his parents finally gave him freedom, Hamilton began to exhibit questionable behavior. He got over a dozen tattoos within a short period of time and started to experiment with drugs with the men who gave him his tattoos. Hamilton hit a slippery slope and began doing more and more drugs. Part of it was the feeling of the drugs, but the drugs also took his mind of back pains he was experiencing from a car accident.

Josh Hamilton eventually started hanging out with the wrong crowds. He started becoming paranoid about buying drugs and spending enormous sums of money to gain access to hard drugs. He passed out in random trailers and blacked out on many occasions due to the large amounts of drugs he was consuming, but always had the love of family and the natural talent in baseball to bring him back into the light.

He eventually went to his grandmother’s house in the middle of the night, and she was responsible for changing his life. She constantly told him that he would be playing baseball again one day with a reassuring confidence. She fed him all the food he could handle and gave him a place to sleep. Josh gained weight rapidly and began thinking that a comeback to baseball was a good possibility; but he had no idea who would want to give a worn-out drug-addict another chance.

Hamilton found his answer in a religious baseball group that forced him to perform janitorial chores during the day in order to gain field and batting cage practice in the evenings. He noticed that he still had an amazing swing and with weight training he was back into top shape in no time.

Josh knew the right people in the right places at the right time, and was called upon by the Cincinnati Red’s major league organization. He made an impact right away, but was eventually traded to the Texas Rangers. While in the Ranger’s organization, he began to start every game and made the All-Star Team. He proved that he had his swing all along; he just needed a push in the right direction to realize his true potential.

One thing to take away from Beyond Belief is that family is the most important thing a person will ever have. Sometimes you may not notice it, but it is easy to be lost in the world without family and the assurance that someone is there for you. Luckily for Josh Hamilton, his parents and wife stuck with him throughout his entire addiction and recovery process. His wife has proven to be a remarkable woman and his grandmother showed strength that no one else could. This autobiography is an excellent read if you like baseball or not. Hamilton’s story is an amazing success story that makes you appreciate family and living a healthy life. This book is rated an easy 5 out of 5.


Book Review – Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less by Jeffrey Archer

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A very extraordinary plot which will keep you glued on the edge of the seat and a thrilling experience to go along with the author and the characters as if you are just one amongst them. Jeffrey Archer is one such author who would take you along with him right from the beginning introducing the characters in such a manner that by the end of the story, you would really know these characters and be a part of this well planned and superbly woven story. Worth the time you spend reading this novel, the best I have read in quite a long time. I would recommend this to anyone and it will surely be listed in your favorites.

The Story begins with the introduction of the main character Harvey Metcalfe as a 16 yr old messenger boy in the Stock Exchange. In a matter of time, he is quick to comprehend the ups and downs in the stock market and he takes a leap into his first venture successfully. At the age of 19, he makes his first million and there is no stopping for Harvey Metcalfe, the super mind.

The plot begins with Harvey making his money on the innocent and honest men trying their luck in shares. Harvey puts some shares into a company Prospecta Oil of which his friend is the director and with the help of his friends puts word into the market that they have found an oil dig somewhere in the north sea. David Kesler, an innocent Harvard graduate, is lured into this job who markets well for Prospecta oil. David brings in money from Stephen, Robin, Jean-Pierre and Lord James Brigsley who are the scape goats in Prospecta Oil. Little do they know about the stock market and believing David they fall trap to Harvey’s plans who sweeps off their feet without leaving any clue.

The four led by Stephen, come together to plan a revenge on Harvey and to get back the money they lost without Harvey’s knowledge. Stephen makes a thorough investigation about the history of Harvey Metcalfe, his work, routine, holidays, family etc. and prepares 4 copies of dossier.

All four agree to meet in 14 days time, with a plan of their own matching their caliber and profession in order to get back the 1 million dollars plus the interest and expenses spent in the imminent future, ‘Not a Penny Less, Not a Penny More.’ They also make a pact to keep confidentiality and each character is included to fulfill in the other’s plan.

The first step is led by Jean Pierre who is an artist by profession and has various painting exhibitions. Harvey’s weakness for a Van Gogh Painting is the stepping stone to their plan. All four make arrangements for converting Harvey’s vacation into a well- thought scheme to lead him to a Van Gogh Painting which of course is a replica of the original, but very convincingly they sell it to him for 1,70,000 pounds.

The second research is done by Robin who is a doctor by profession. He has a complete training prearranged for the other three to fulfill the requirements of his plan from knowing the medical necessities, playing blackjack and casino games and record timing to beat the traffic. All of them excel in their roles to beat Harvey again by making him believe that he has a gall bladder stone and in need of an emergency operation, save his life for a huge sum of 1,50,000 dollars.

Then comes the mastermind Stephen who is a mathematics professor and his calculations lead Harvey into Oxford university meeting with the chancellor and vice-chancellor and honouring him with the Doctorate of Letters, encashes another sum of 2,50,000 dollars.

Meanwhile, Lord James Brigsley who considers himself no good in any profession, lands up dating a girl Anne Summerton and confides in her about the secret mission they are on to avenge Harvey Metcalfe. To his utter revelation, he finds that Anne Summerton is the daughter of Harvey who is called as Anne Rosalie Metcalfe. He is astounded when he discovers that Harvey couldn’t recognize James as he was in a disguise in all the three missions. James invites Stephen, Robin and Jean pierre to his wedding, before the final mission which he is yet to disclose. At the wedding, they get a bolt from the blue when Harvey steps aside to give away his daughter in the church to Lord James Brigsley. They go unnoticed by Harvey and finally he presents the wedding gift to his daughter a cheque of 2,50,000 dollars which she signs off to Stephen from the 4th mission.

The author has reserved so many climax situations and has put forth each and every event in such a manner that the reader can feel his goose bumps and will surely forego everything around to know what happens next!!! Jeffrey Archer has all the details and settings established in a very unique style, giving significance to the planning which truly is the winner in the mastermind narrative.

They are all glad about their accomplishments when they stumble upon the news of Prospecta oil which has found an oil dig and the shares seem to have reached $12.75.

Jeffrey Archer is an extraordinary mind who has shown the significance of planning and he has narrated such a fine story that the reader is bound to be a part of it. It surely returns every penny you spent on the book and the time you splurge reading this wonderful tale. It has now become one of my favorites.


Book Review – A Better Way to Live

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Og Mandino is a best-selling author. His most popular book is the book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. He has sold millions of books that has been translated to many languages.

As appealing his books are to people, his personal background and life is fascinating. In many of his books, Og Mandino gives a hint about his life and struggles. In this book, “A Better Way to Live”, he openly talks about his struggles and how he overcame them. As usual, he also incorporates the concepts of lessons and scrolls as learning points in the book. This is why his books are beneficial to the readers.

Og Mandino almost committed suicide in his younger years. He was down and depressed. Fortunately for him (and for us), he took a different route and decided to better his life. He found a better way to live. It would not seem after his many publishing successes that he experienced great tribulations in his life. Yet, he did lost his family and was on the brink of suicide. Through his experience, he is able to relate to his readers.

His rules in this book are rules for a better way to live. They include:

1) Count your blessings.
2) Deliver more than what you are getting paid to do.
3) Do not dwell on your past mistakes.
4) Surround yourself with your family especially if you spend long hours away from them.
5) Build this day on a foundation of pleasant thoughts.
6) Let your action speak louder than your words. But be careful of conceit and pride.
7) Look at each day as a gift from God.
8) Do not spend your days on unnecessary clutter but on productive tasks.
9) Live each day as though it was your last.
10) Treat everyone you know or meet as though you will be dead by midnight.
11) Laugh at yourself and at life.
12) Never neglect the little things.
13) Welcome every morning with a smile.
14) Set your goals on a daily basis.
15) Never allow anyone or anything to rain on your parade.
16) Search for the seed of good in every adversity.
17) Realize that true happiness lies within you.

He expands on each of his rules. Og Mandino portrays that the time we have on earth is limited. We should make the most of each and every minute in order to live a better way of live.


Book Review – The Go-Getter

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Along with other short but powerful classics such as “Acres of Diamonds”, this book, “The Go-Getter” was written many decades ago (back in the 1920’s). It is entertaining yet enlightening tale of a go-getter who will do what it takes to get the job done.

There is something about someone who does what it takes to get the job done. There is something about someone who despite physical limitations still get the job done. There is something about someone who could make excuses but makes reasons to get the job done. They are the “go-getters”.

This classic book, “The Go-Getter”, by Peter Kyne shows how you can become a go-getter. Any industry or job could use more go-getter type of people. Rather than talk about what is a go-getter, you can learn and practice on being a go-getter by following the actions and attitude of William Peck. He is the main character of the story.

William Peck is a veteran who learned how to be a go-getter when he was in the military. Despite his physical handicap and limitations, he was able to pass the test to get the blue vase. It is more important to recognize his attitude of intestinal fortitude (aka guts) and single purpose. He was asked to get a blue vase at a store in San Francisco.

It seemed like a simple task. It became a lesson on patience, persistence, and focus. It was much easier and convenient to say that it was not possible to get the vase for many reasons such as the store was closed and it was a weekend. It was much easier to make a report on the many obstacles or excuses on why he was not able to get the blue vase. It is those rare individuals who accomplish this task that become the go-getter.

Throughout the short story, I thought that Mr. Peck was justified to not get the blue vase. His visible handicap seem to justify that excuse. His invisible persistence eliminated his handicap. This is what makes the story inspiring. I have to read this book every now and then to remind myself about what it takes to be a go-getter.

Many industries such as the insurance industry rewards and recognizes its top performers with the blue vase. It is symbolic of the awardee’s accomplishments. That award came from this book.

It is worth a few minutes of your time to read this book and picture yourself as being the main character whose job is to get a blue vase. Are you a go-getter?


Jewish Wisdom For Business Success – Book Review

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by: Rabbi Levi Brackman & Sam Jaffe (2008)

ISBN 978-0-8144-1274-9

book price: $24.00 Business

Rabbi Levi Brackman consultants is a popular Jewish scholar, writer and teacher. He has taught in 3 continents, has a weekly television program and is published regularly in newspapers and on the internet. Sam Jaffe has been on the staff of The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Bloomberg Markets, and Business Week. Both are business consultants!

old tracks to wealth access

Rabbi Brackman and Sam Jaffe expressed their views in 9 chapters. They discussed topics such as patriarchal business models: creating a plan for success (Chapter 4), sale: Torah (ch. 5), spiritual venture negotiation techniques: find the Holy in their work (chap. 7) and many tracks oldest access of wealth.

the business success of God

Rabbi Brackman and Sam Jaffe share with a personal and direct style. In terms of progress, they say, “a good man of business never surrender your business luck. The moment you start to blame invisible forces (the market, currency traders…) is the moment that you relinquish control… you are responsible to act… “

the authors use language that connects and relates to readers.” Maintaining relevant communication stating that, “If you have built your own business you know that to be successful, you have to be a self-starter. For that, sheer determination and the strength is not enough. Thing is necessary to achieve their goal–and that is passion. “

Rabbi Brackman and Sam Jaffe show far-sighted vision for the business. Talk about negotiation, share that “the key to winning a negotiation is conocimiento-conocimiento yourself, your negotiating partner knowledge and expertise on the fair value of the offer… Do your homework with regard to the situation of the other party”.

encouraging words intended to raise readers in Victoria. Authors state, “while the majority of companies make mistakes, you should not never label your business failure. When your business seems to be failing, look for lining of silver to all successful businesses have been at that time, but they have overcome.” Success comes to those who do not quit smoking.

the spirituality is a central theme. The authors declared that business to gain wealth must not produce any blame, but “Spiritual entrepreneur, wealth creation is to make a better world and most holy place”.

lessons of success of businesses

Rabbi Levi Brackman and Sam Jaffe share powerful Jewish wisdom for business success lessons.


Stable Living for My Sister and I

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How did we end up at the regency? Moving around with your family when your father is serving in the military is not what my sister and I would call a fun lifestyle. We couldn’t do anything about it when we younger except bounce around with Dad and Mom as we moved from base to base. We lived all over the United States and in many European countries as well. My sister and I used to play a game in which we tried to list all the places we lived over the years. Invariably, one of us would forget a couple of them. That’s how many times we moved.

Once we turned eighteen, however, we vowed that we would move out of the house and set up our own place. Continue reading

34 Bubblegums and Candies – Book Review

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and 34 Bubblegums 34 Bubblegums and candies written by Indian author Preeti Shenoy, is a collection of 34 short stories real and incidents based on the life of the author. Although a book of non-fiction, this book is a very interesting read and for this reason, candies and 34 Bubblegums has moved to become a bestselling national with hundreds of thousands of copies sold to date.

author of 34 Bubblegums and candies, Preeti Shenoy, was formerly a blogger who wrote regularly for some of the major newspapers. In 2007, he decided to take their hobby to the next level and thus launched his first book which soon climbed aboard big best-seller lists in the India.

34 Bubblegums and candies is essentially a collection of 34 stories and experiences the author has had throughout his life. Some of them are humorous, while the others are a little bit sad, but essentially each of these stories has a message for the reader. It is through these stories that the author has tried to catch a glimpse of the facets of human life.

for example, the book begins with the narration of the events leading to the death of the father of the author and how manages to cope with the tragedy. It is not a sad or boring history, something shows how everyone should find these tragic events and learn to live with them. The author beautifully captures every emotion with the beauty of his words.

the book reminded me of the movie Forest Gump. The author puts point when he says that life is a bit like candy and chewing gum. One must keep chewing to savor the flavor that is. Sometimes chewing gum can burst unexpectedly and one can be left with a sticky mess. These are problems and unhappy times in their life.

at other times, life is like a stick of candy. One should lick slowly and enjoy what it has to offer. Sometimes we greedy to bite more than he can chew and that we must learn to avoid. Sometimes we have a rare moment when the balance seems right and a feeling of joy prevails in all of us. All 34 Bubblegums and candies is essential reading for all. It is available in major bookstores although online retailers offer a better discount on the same.


The Power of Vision by George Barna: A Book Review

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George Barna is the founder of the Group Barna, a company of research of marketing. Barna has written other books on leadership and growth of the Church, for example, the power of leadership and grow your church from the outside, however, Barna said in the introduction to the power of the vision that he had never before, “had a book that seemed written for me and not for me”. In this book, Barna makes emphasis in the importance of that them pastors and leaders of the Church for discover the vision of Dios for your Ministry and the Church. Although “vision” is a popular topic in business and in the administration of the Church, Barna says that some churches, believers or even senior pastors have a understanding of the vision of God for Ministry. This book contains simple and straightforward principles to discover God’s vision, to cast the vision and help others the and for the implementation of the vision of the glory of God.

the main objective of Barna in the power of the vision of writing is for pastors and leaders to discover the vision of God for his Ministry and then to develop and implement the vision. In the opinion of this writer, Barna does a good job of achieving the purpose of the book. Barna defines “vision”, “a clear mental image of a preferable future given by God to his chosen servants and is based on an accurate understanding of God, I and the circumstances”. He then divided the definition into four components more: a clear mental image; a better future; a future focus; a teaching of Dios. Throughout the book, Barna refers to the different components of this definition but continually stresses the most important component; vision is provided by God.

Barna also paints a picture clear of a leader visionary enumerating them requirements for the capture of the vision of Dios and describing them features of a visionary. Vision requires knowing to Dios, one same, know and understand circumstances such as the needs, opportunities and barriers. Visionary pastors have, “an urgent need to look for the glory of God doing his work, his form, his vision.” It is common to confuse the mission with vision so Barna emphasizes the difference between a mission and vision statement the leaders. A mission statement defines Ministry and outlines the objectives. It is a general statement about what expected the Church to carry out. It is a statement of vision, “specific, detailed, modified for customized, distinctive and unique to a particular Church” the vision statement put the objectives of the Ministry into action. There are many myths related to the development of the vision for Barna list of twenty of the most common myths and dissipates with the reality of true vision.

the book also goes into great detail to discuss the benefits of having vision and also covers the barriers and the cost to implement the vision. Most importantly, Barna reminds leaders that the vision must be God centered and not based on personal skills because “the vision of the man is wrong”. The values and desires of the leader should align with the heart of God. A vision of God is perfect, blessed and inspired and has a single objective, which is to glorify him.

the things in this book that I consider the strengths are in the first place, it is easy to read. The book is written in simple language and short instead of being filled with confusing jargon. Secondly, the book offers detailed and accurate information in a very direct way, straight forward. Third and most importantly, Barna God gives the glory for the inspiration for this book.

anyone with an earnest desire to be an effective leader seeks ways to improve their skills, but few people have time to read large books cluttered with technical jargon, confusing. Barna offers relevant information in a simple format. Although the book is reasonably short in length, it is not short on substance. Barna begins with a definition of the vision that helps to bring a better understanding of what “vision” really means. Vision is having an idea clear or image in the mind of the future that they prefer. However, the key to the vision is that should be the vision of Dios given to a leader instead of only the preferred: future that an individual can have for the Church. All those pastors want it best for his Church and can have large ideas and plans for the future but will have success only of Dios plans for the future. Barna not only explains the process of capture, casting and implementation of vision, also provides information on ideas erroneous with regard to the vision. In the chapter three, Barna explains the difference between vision and mission because the two are confused often. It corrects then to twenty of them myths more common about her vision. Often is more easy to understand how do something correctly if one understands first what were doing wrong.

although I am not a pastor, nor am I an in a position of leadership in a church, I enjoyed reading the power of vision. Any that look for the address in connection with the called of Dios for them in the Ministry must read this book. As part of the body of Christ, all the Christian have a purpose and a work to do in the Ministry. Discover the vision of Dios for the life and Ministry is important for all the people of Dios. Is especially important for those shepherds because are called to guide the flock. Have a clear vision imparted by Dios will give to pastors address for driving with efficiency. This book is inspiring and challenging and would make an addition valuable to any library of the pastor.

Barna, George. The power of the vision. 3rd ed. Ventura, CA: Regal / Gospel light, 2009.


A Book Review: Competent to Counsel by Jay Adams

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Adams argues, in his book, that the Christian is competent Council . “As I am worried about you, my brethren, I am convinced that you especially abounds in the highest goodness, richly supplied with perfect and competent knowledge to one another.” Roman 15:14 (Williams)

Jay Adams is not used to determine that the Christians are trained to advise the scientific outcomes research. His method is presupposed as avowedly accepts the Bible inerrant as the standard of all faith and practice. In addition, it recognizes that their interpretations and applications of the Scriptures are not infallible. Also, he does not want to ignore the science, but rather uses it as a complement to the biblical truths. The first chapter illustrates well the condition of modern psychiatry where he says that “referral of any kind must be considered a Minister only as a last resort.” The fact that the individual has sought a Christian counselor yes same can be considered of some importance. “(p. 19)

position that counseling is the work of the Holy Spirit, one should look for your address to be effective.” (John 14:16, 17;) Isaiah 9:6) “the Holy Spirit is God with us. Counselors and those seeking counsel alike must respect the sovereignty of the Holy Spirit.” (p 22) textbook of Christian Counselors must be the word of God.

Adams reminds us that the Bible separates organic, physically based problems and those that are derived from the conduct and sinful attitudes.

after three chapters of “Introduction”, Adams defines “Nouthetic counseling” in its fourth chapter. “Jesus Christ is at the center of every true Christian counseling. “Any advice that moves to Christ from that point as has done so ceased to be Christian.” Confrontation Nouthetic must be made by the entire Church, not just the Minister. (Colossians 3:16; Romans 15:14) “Nouthetic” is a transliteration. Translations for the Greek word include: reprimand, warning, teach. There are three elements of Nouthetic confrontation:

1) “implies a problem and is an obstacle that must be overcome; something is wrong in the life of who faces”. (

2) “problems are solved nouthetically by verbal means.” (

3) “verbal correction is designed to benefit to the” individual seeking advice. (p. 44-49)

consider these: II Timothy 3:16; Colossians 1:28; II Timothy 4:2; II Corinthians 11:29; I Timothy 1:5.

qualifications for the Nouthetic counseling:

  • goodness and knowledge – Roman 15:14
  • wisdom – Colossians 3:16; Proverbs 1:7

after dealing with a number of other issues, Adams ends his book commenting “School of teachers as Nouthetic counselors Christian”. “The Christian teacher (not a specialist in counseling) is the key of school counseling. If the teacher is qualified to be a teacher of Christian school, given the conviction and a minimum of the right kind of training and experience, that Professor can make more effective the self-styled expert advice”. “Like other Christians, the Christian master can take advantage of all the resources of God: Scripture, prayer, and the Church, in the context of the Holy Spirit.” (p. 252)

the classroom is the ideal environment, on a daily basis with a system of rewards under the authority of God, where the student is the more productive hours of the day and penalty. Deuteronomy 6:7 and ll:19

Adams presents his case well and reminds Christians to trust the Holy Spirit to guide in this important work.

competent to the Council – available at: http://www.amazon.com


Sitz Baths For Hemorrhoid Relief – 5 Techniques to Getting the Most Out of Your Therapy

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Having a sitz tub is one thing you want to search forward to, so get time and make it a calming practical experience. Let’s search at five significant techniques in creating sitz tub treatments for hemorrhoids fulfilling and productive.

1. Bathtub or Sitz Tub Basin?: Make your mind up the Ideal Location to Get Your Sitz Tub

Possibly decision is made up of the two professionals and drawbacks. On the good side, using your sitz baths in your property bathtub is free of charge and quickly readily available. One draw back to using bathtub sitz baths is that it can be awkward. When you sitz bathe in a bathtub, you area much more strain on your hemorrhoids for the reason that you are sitting down on them. The option is to elevate your base by sitting down on an inflatable pillow. If you will not have one, consider rolling up a towel, twisting it into a circle, and sitting down on it with your piles easily elevated in the middle.

Having bathtub sitz baths can be unsafe for persons who have problems acquiring in and out of a bathtub. Some persons turn out to be dizzy bathing in a bathtub. While using a sitz tub is not the very same as immersing your full overall body in drinking water to bathe, you even now should think about this if you’ve got experienced past ordeals with getting to be dizzy in the bathtub.

To make this procedure most productive, you can possibly need to have to get sitz baths two to three moments a day during hemorrhoid flare-ups and publish-hemorrhoid surgical procedure treatment. If acquiring in and out of a bathtub on your very own is a difficulty, this may possibly not be the best decision for you.

For quite a few persons, working with a sitz tub basin seated on major of the toilet may possibly be much more comfy and effortless. This is particularly accurate if you are recovering from hemorrhoid surgical procedure. Sad to say, this process can also be messier. On the furthermore side, sitz tub basins occur in quite a few versions and are priced very moderately. Your nearby drugstore or healthcare supply keep will possibly carry these basins. Take a look at Amazon on the web, and you can locate much more than a dozen versions of basins, most in the $10 to $twenty selection.

You can shell out much more and get models that hook up to your toilet sink faucet and supply a constant stream of temperature-controlled drinking water during your sitz tub. The decision is yours: simplicity or much more comfort and ease for much more cash.

If you get a portable device, the significant matter, for basic safety, is to make absolutely sure that it matches solidly in your toilet seat so that it does not shift all over when you sit on it.

two. Get ready Your Water to Support, Not Hinder, Hemorrhoid Relief

A sitz tub should include your hemorrhoids and the muscular tissues that management your anus and buttocks. For most persons, about 6 inches of drinking water will do the occupation. If you want to get a “hip tub,” in which your hips are also protected, you may possibly need to have to include much more drinking water.

Remember, the intent of a sitz tub is to take it easy the muscular tissues that open up and shut your anus and to attract much more blood stream to the spot. The extra blood stream acts to help therapeutic. Sitz baths shrink inflamed piles and reduce the strain on them. This aids hemorrhoid aid by considerably reducing the discomfort you may possibly be experiencing.

So operate about 6 inches of heat drinking water, not sizzling drinking water. Water feels hotter on our sensitive behinds than it does on our palms. This usually means that when you exam the drinking water temperature, if it can be sizzling on your palms, it can be too sizzling. To get the most out of your sitz tub, you need to have to be capable to retain your hemorrhoids and anal muscle sphincter submerged for at minimum 15 minutes. If it can be too sizzling, you will not likely keep put extended plenty of.

Really should you include anything to the drinking water? Which is entirely up to you. Some overall health industry experts say all you need to have is clean up drinking water. Others propose adding Epsom salt, baking soda, or essential oils these as lavender or juniper. The decision is entirely yours. The clean up drinking water sitz tub is just as productive. This is your sitz tub do whichever tends to make it most fulfilling for you.

Nevertheless, there are a couple don’ts. Do not include cleaning soap, vinegar, tub beads, or bubble tub to your drinking water. These ingredients can irritate the sensitive skin bordering your hemorrhoids.

three. Take it easy

To be most productive, you can need to have to keep in your sitz tub about 15 to twenty five minutes. So get comfy. Grab that Business enterprise Week or O Journalconcern that you haven’t experienced time to read through. Want to dig into that thriller you’ve got been indicating to get to? Go for it. You can be investing top quality time right here, probably two to three moments a day, and if you occupy your thoughts with one thing fulfilling, the practical experience will be far much more valuable.

4. Afterward, Dry You Fully

This is critical. Sitz baths are a useful aspect of hemorrhoid aid for the reason that they make us target on our anal hygiene. But dampness in this spot is not superior for therapeutic. Make absolutely sure that you dry on your own entirely after your sitz tub is around. You can possibly be accomplishing this two to three moments a day during hemorrhoid flare-ups, so use a independent towel committed for this one function. This step will help superior hygiene. Pat, will not wipe, the spot dry.

five. Previous, Utilize an Ointment to Soothe Sensitive Pores and skin

You’ve got accomplished your sitz tub. Now, get one much more step to further more hemorrhoid aid. The skin bordering your hemorrhoids is even now skin. With all the stretching, enlargement from blood clots, and additional bathing, the skin down there will value a comforting ointment. Utilize petroleum jelly, zinc oxide product, or an around-the-counter hemorrhoid product.

There, you’ve got accomplished it. Abide by these five techniques, and transform what could be an inconvenient, time-consuming practical experience into an fulfilling, therapeutic investment decision of your time.

The Bath Bombs Mold stated in this short article can be purchased from Amazon

Book Review – Selling Retail – Book One by John Lawhon

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one of the sellers lowest highest paying in America has written a two-part course in the art of selling retail.

if I were to try to get through this as soon as possible, you could simply say that the first book of Mr. Lawhon in this series is mainly based on two premises. To succeed, a retail seller must:

A. Be able to recognize the real needs of the customer and

B. Be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary not only to meet those needs but to help the customer to realize what their needs really are.

the Mr. Lawhon presents the case that people of good sales, i.e., professional, successful and highly paid, will work to achieve these two objectives. Those who enter the profession of sales without these learning skills and the adoption of this attitude only become “order takers”, which will never reach the potential presented by a sales position in retail. In summary, Mr. Lawhon believes that sales professionals more high quality and truly successful are not born, but achieve success through learning and practice.

the Mr. Lawhon is based on the lessons of their own years of selling furniture and an extensive body of research personal to make or illustrate your points. For example, explains why the approach the customer is so important, and also explains how to make that approach… and why. He believes that each approach to a client must be a genuinely joyful way beginning to break the wall erected by many customers. Then believe in communicating with the client, both for “break the ice more ‘ and open lines genuine communication as well.”

this opening and expansion of communication is fundamental, because it is through this that the truly competent sales person will begin to know the customer and their needs. As noted above, is this recognition of the needs of the customer that will allow professional sales begin to illustrate and apply the knowledge and skills that will be “tools of the trade” by which the sales professional will be able to help the customer find the product that really meet their real needs rather than a product which will provide only partial satisfaction seeking.

in order to guide the reader through the entire process of sale by retail, or at least the parts in this first book, Mr. Lawhon has divided his book into three main sections:

I. Revelations

in this section, the author reveals 11 basic principles that will be of value to the reader. Many of these seem to be taken from the experiences of the author, and makes extensive use of storytelling and parable to illustrate the various points.

in one chapter, for example (viejo feo was a dog), explains that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He uses the example of how he taught his sales staff to sell what most seems a horrible sofa just come to understand that there would be still some people who seems perfect and that for these people, the sofa is sold without their help, but could lose the sale by openly or tacitly to express their opinion about beauty , or lack of it, of a piece of furniture (in this case) until the customer had expressed his opinion.

after having used the history of the old ugly to make a basic point, elaborated by pointing out several lessons to be learned from this a simple story. In this case, for example, explains that until you know what the customer needs and wants, including their perception of “beauty”, you may be trying to sell something that does not come the same way that do. This is very counterproductive, since it is easier to sell someone something they like rather than they like something it sufficiently well as to buy it if you don’t really care for it.

II. groups of knowledge

based on his personal experience, Mr. Lawhon believes that a high-level sales professional should have five groups of knowledge at your fingertips.

* knowledge of their products and those of its competitors.

* knowledge of their inventory and that of its competitors.

* knowledge of their advertising and their competitors.

* knowledge of your credit plan and that of its competitors.

* knowledge of its policies and its competitors.

with the fact that 75% of sales are made in 25% of the sales people, the author explains and elaborates on how competition in these five areas can help put the reader in the 25% that are doing the majority of the sales! Also shows how to accurately assess and meet the needs of the customer by means of these five groups of knowledge, seller with greater precision and success will enable the goal of achieving real customer satisfaction and a sale of the appropriate element to the right person with minimal effort during the sales process itself.

within this section, the author also gives important tips on how to go about the acquisition of the five groups of knowledge.

III. technical sales

having previously established a summary of some general philosophies of sale, in this final section, the author really starts to give instructions about the process of sale if same, focusing on greeting and approach to customer, your wishes and needs and make the selection of products that must meet them want and qualification needs.

at the end of this book and in the preparation of two books of “Retail”, Mr. Lawhon makes some valuable points.

he simply indicates that once they have acquired the five groups of knowledge received from the client, qualified to your needs and desires and I made a selection present, sale has still not started… and is the subject of book two.


Book Review – The Second Civil War, How Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America

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Ronald Brownstein in this short and concise book of 2009 has been a complete and accurate account of the recent events of the ugly, partisan of the policy. It provides a backdrop and the history of some of the contributing factors and events that have led to this regrettable period of United States political intrigue and competition – some of the most divisive since the Civil War.

after having been a teacher of secondary problems of today’s world and the political science during the Decade of 1980-2000, can attest to the accuracy of the events of the time. This book begins with the speech’s very partisan retirement of speaker of the House of representatives, Tom Delay, Republican, and continues with the ultra-leftists on-line as the Daily Kos and MoveOn.org, as well as the position of the description of Brownstein as extreme leading Democrat – those who, like Howard Dean and Harry Reid… blamed them for the escalation of the “scorched earth” , highly partisan politics in our current day. Also, in this story, the author completely covers the main period of time until the 2000s.

the problems cited by the author in 2007 are the same problems we have nine years of that time period. Without compromise, there can be no agreement or the resolution of those problems, or even an agreement of what problems, or the use of a federal bureaucracy growing to correct problems of perception. A fascinating section says ex-Governor George W. Bush, as Governor of Texas and serving with a democratic majority in the legislature of the State, committed and was well known as “a Kingdom, not a divider”. Brownstein was on the verge of Bush’s attempt to duplicate this result, but without success. Democratic leaders would have none of that commitment or even cooperation at the federal level. Brownstein compares this lack of cooperation and the pursuit of partisan politics extreme divisions over slavery – therefore, the comparison to the Civil War. I wonder what you think the author about the purely partisan passage of the so-called “Affordable Care Act”.

this is a very beneficial and informative book that contributes to the conversation — a conversation that will lead you to another era of cooperation with optimism. Hopefully, that can solve the problems of the federal debt of the out-of-hand and budget deficits, the looming power of the federal Government, as well as the stagnation of the economy and the creeping, low reported problem of unemployment.


Book Review – The Legend of Bass Reeves

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the legend of the low Reeves: be the true and the story fictional of the more bold Marshall in the West

(Gary Paulsen, Wendy lamb books)

ten years low Reeves and his mother were slaves in the ranch of the Lord. Low had managed the ranch almost by itself same. There are other slave in the ranch called flowers, who not could talk because “…” He was never beaten and beaten, and part of his brain closed did thought.” The three worked under the watchful eye of the petty Lord.

when Mister drank he got even meaner. He taught bass to play cards, so he could have some company. After low got good cards Mister put the money for the low play, starting from five cents until came to fifty cents. One night when I had low won all his money, Mister had bet low its and freedom of his mother. Bass was almost 17 and longing to be a free man.

then he caught Mister deceptions. Mister threw his letters and hit low on the head. Low hit him from behind. Enraged, Mister pulled his gun on bass. Knowing that he was about to die, low hit him with a glass of whisky. Lord went down. Low believed that he had killed Mister. When he heard the shooting, his mother came running. At no time, under ran for his life, never to see his mother again. He fled to Indian territory and began his life as a free man.

low survived in deer and Buffalo that he sought. He learned to read the sounds and movements to its around. Once he had to kill two men in self-defense. Again that saved a girl’s Creek (Indian) be killed by three wolves. He lived with the Creek nation for 22 years.

the historical legend of Bass Reeves really began when I was fifty-one. The Government of United States needed to someone familiar with the territory Indian that a marshall and recruited to Bass Reeves. From 1862 until 1907 under Reeves was a United States Marshall on fugitives. In 1907, the city of Muskogee called eighty one years under Reeves to the Sheriff of the town. His story is exciting and worthy of research.