A Way to Speed It Up

Using a hack for Virtual Families 2 certainly speeds things up a bit, although usually I’m fine with just following the pace of the game and enjoying it. I used to play all the loud, chaotic shoot ’em up games back when I was younger, but as I got older I developed a real appreciation for what they call sim games as well as idle games. These are games that essentially have no ending and that you play whenever you want over the course of years. Virtual Families is one of these types of games and a very good one at that.

In this game, you create characters who build homes and start raising families. It sounds simple, but there are so many other elements to it that the game very quickly becomes engrossing. You have to do shopping, for example, and you can get pets and expand your homes. Then you raise your kids and they go out and get their own homes and create their own families. It goes o and on, just as life itself does, and that is what makes the game so fascinating. Of course, it also makes for a very languid playing time. Everything take forever.

That is why I looked into various hacks online. Not necessarily to try and one up other players, but rather to speed up the game as I saw fit and to get some money for extra stuff for the houses. I found a great one online that is easy to use even for an old codger like me. I think it’s the first time I ever used a hack and I have to say it works better than I thought it would. Most of the time I don’t even use it as I still prefer just playing the game at a slow pace.

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