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A Way to Speed It Up

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Using a hack for Virtual Families 2 certainly speeds things up a bit, although usually I’m fine with just following the pace of the game and enjoying it. I used to play all the loud, chaotic shoot ’em up games back when I was younger, but as I got older I developed a real appreciation for what they call sim games as well as idle games. These are games that essentially have no ending and that you play whenever you want over the course of years. Virtual Families is one of these types of games and a very good one at that.

In this game, you create characters who build homes and start raising families. Continue reading

Finding Cheats for Forge of Empires

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There is nothing more fun than playing a game on the computer or on your smartphone. It can be a relaxing escape when you get home from work, or it can be a fun leisure task you do on your days off. Either way, it is an entertaining way to spend some of your free time. Forge of Empires is one of the more popular games. It is a game which allows you to build a city in the Stone Age, and progress through different time periods. You can find Forge of Empires cheat codes online as well, which can make the game more fun. There is some strategy involved to make the gameplay more fun and exciting.

Game cheats have been around for a long time. They allow the player to do one of two things. Continue reading

I Found a New Roommate

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Of course I was not in a position to be too picky, since Johnny packed up all his stuff and vanished while I was at class and left me on the hook for his part of the rent. I told the landlord about it, but he had little sympathy and was not interested in collecting half the rent. At any rate I started asking around and I found this guy. He is a little strange and this morning I realized that he was trying to figure out how to hack an instagram account. I did not want to get involved in that, but I realized pretty quickly that he is obsessed with his ex girlfriend. She is the reason that he needed a new place to stay, and from the picture he showed me, I suppose there is a good reason for him to be upset. Continue reading

Social Media Provides Quick Look into My Life and Business

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I recently spent a week in Florida visiting my brother, his wife and their two sons. My nephews are very into all things technical and love communicating with their friends via social media. While my brother had to spend a day of my visit finishing up a work project, I spent the time with my nephews learning that my Facebook account was lame and downloading Snapchat to share some of my vacation photos. I was worried about a snapchat password hack but my eldest nephew explained that my photos on Snapchat would be set to only be viewable for a few seconds and were not meant to be anything more than quick fun photos of what I was seeing in the world around me and nothing that I would feel uncomfortable or worried about posting.

After downloading the app and adding my nephews as friends, I received some photos from them that were silly and fun little glimpses into their personalities. Continue reading

The Tree Was Costing Me Too Much Money

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When my sewer pipes were backed up, I hired a professional to come out and inspect my drains. The news he gave me was not good. There is an old tree about ten feet away from the pipes, and the roots were slowly overtaking it. I knew that I was going to have to take care of both issues, the one with the pipes as well as the tree itself. I contacted a company that does tree removal in Long Island, and they came out to give me a free estimate on what could be done.

I had been feeling bad about wanting to take the tree down in the first place, but I just could not afford to keep replacing the pipes since the roots were evidently strong. The good news, in a way, was that the tree was not as healthy as I had thought it was, so taking it down was actually the right thing to do anyway. They gave me the estimate on taking the tree down, including removing the stump and the roots, and it was a really good offer. Continue reading

Stable Living for My Sister and I

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How did we end up at the regency? Moving around with your family when your father is serving in the military is not what my sister and I would call a fun lifestyle. We couldn’t do anything about it when we younger except bounce around with Dad and Mom as we moved from base to base. We lived all over the United States and in many European countries as well. My sister and I used to play a game in which we tried to list all the places we lived over the years. Invariably, one of us would forget a couple of them. That’s how many times we moved.

Once we turned eighteen, however, we vowed that we would move out of the house and set up our own place. Continue reading