Book Review – Maximized Manhood: A Guide To Family Survival


Edwin Louis Cole has been actively involved in men’s ministry for decades. He is direct and sincere in his approach to manhood and spirituality. In the mainstream media, he will not be politically correct. In the spiritual niche, he is refreshingly direct and sincere. His books usually focuses on man and his critical role of being a spiritual leader for his family.

In his book,”Maximized Manhood: A Guide To Family Survival”, Edwin Louis Cole discusses the critical role of men to become men. He focuses on the issue that men to ask for guidance from God to lead their families which will cure a lot of issues and problems with society today. When he discusses the importance of the man to become a man of the family, he does not ask them to be a dictator. Being a dictator will actually cause more harm to the family. He succinctly states that the bible mentions that the man should be joint heirs with their wives in leading their family.

Now, being spiritual does not mean being religious. The very foundation of any country will eventually go down to the individual family unit. Within those family units, it does matter what the members and leaders are doing. If the leader is strong, then the family unit will benefit from that strength. If the leader is weak, then the family unit and even the country will suffer from that weakness. The strength of the leader is also found on them to be yielding and kind.

His basis for the statements he make are in the bible. He quotes various biblical verses to reinforce his message about men and their families. It is noted in the book that many of our problems in society occurs because of the breakdown at the familial level. There are instances in the book in which the father figure is usually portrayed as an extreme in television. They are either bigoted and obnoxious or they are soft and wimpy. You will rarely see a strong and understanding father figure.

If you are offended by these discussions especially in relating to the bible, then this book will offend you. It will either change your ways or make you stubborn. If you are looking for a spiritual and biblical basis on what it takes to be a man, then this book will even enlighten you more. It is a book built on spiritual and biblical truths. It will definitely help any man understand Christian principles to become a better man for himself and his family.


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