Book Review – The Go-Getter


Along with other short but powerful classics such as “Acres of Diamonds”, this book, “The Go-Getter” was written many decades ago (back in the 1920’s). It is entertaining yet enlightening tale of a go-getter who will do what it takes to get the job done.

There is something about someone who does what it takes to get the job done. There is something about someone who despite physical limitations still get the job done. There is something about someone who could make excuses but makes reasons to get the job done. They are the “go-getters”.

This classic book, “The Go-Getter”, by Peter Kyne shows how you can become a go-getter. Any industry or job could use more go-getter type of people. Rather than talk about what is a go-getter, you can learn and practice on being a go-getter by following the actions and attitude of William Peck. He is the main character of the story.

William Peck is a veteran who learned how to be a go-getter when he was in the military. Despite his physical handicap and limitations, he was able to pass the test to get the blue vase. It is more important to recognize his attitude of intestinal fortitude (aka guts) and single purpose. He was asked to get a blue vase at a store in San Francisco.

It seemed like a simple task. It became a lesson on patience, persistence, and focus. It was much easier and convenient to say that it was not possible to get the vase for many reasons such as the store was closed and it was a weekend. It was much easier to make a report on the many obstacles or excuses on why he was not able to get the blue vase. It is those rare individuals who accomplish this task that become the go-getter.

Throughout the short story, I thought that Mr. Peck was justified to not get the blue vase. His visible handicap seem to justify that excuse. His invisible persistence eliminated his handicap. This is what makes the story inspiring. I have to read this book every now and then to remind myself about what it takes to be a go-getter.

Many industries such as the insurance industry rewards and recognizes its top performers with the blue vase. It is symbolic of the awardee’s accomplishments. That award came from this book.

It is worth a few minutes of your time to read this book and picture yourself as being the main character whose job is to get a blue vase. Are you a go-getter?


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