I Found a New Roommate

Of course I was not in a position to be too picky, since Johnny packed up all his stuff and vanished while I was at class and left me on the hook for his part of the rent. I told the landlord about it, but he had little sympathy and was not interested in collecting half the rent. At any rate I started asking around and I found this guy. He is a little strange and this morning I realized that he was trying to figure out how to hack an instagram account. I did not want to get involved in that, but I realized pretty quickly that he is obsessed with his ex girlfriend. She is the reason that he needed a new place to stay, and from the picture he showed me, I suppose there is a good reason for him to be upset. She is a really good looking girl and from what I can gather, this guy was really jealous of any guy who that dared to look at her.

That’s pretty common I suppose. A guy wants a really good looking girlfriend, but when you get one you realize that every guy who walks by is staring at her. I personally enjoy that a little, I mean think about it. You are walking around with a girl on your arm and every guy you see wishes that he were in your place. It is a really good feeling, but some guys can not handle it. Obviously you have to know that a girl like that can trade you in for something shinier any time that she likes. At any rate I am not in a place where I can complain. I have a few more semesters left before I graduate and I do not have money enough to pay for this place without a roommate.

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