Jewish Wisdom For Business Success – Book Review


by: Rabbi Levi Brackman & Sam Jaffe (2008)

ISBN 978-0-8144-1274-9

book price: $24.00 Business

Rabbi Levi Brackman consultants is a popular Jewish scholar, writer and teacher. He has taught in 3 continents, has a weekly television program and is published regularly in newspapers and on the internet. Sam Jaffe has been on the staff of The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Bloomberg Markets, and Business Week. Both are business consultants!

old tracks to wealth access

Rabbi Brackman and Sam Jaffe expressed their views in 9 chapters. They discussed topics such as patriarchal business models: creating a plan for success (Chapter 4), sale: Torah (ch. 5), spiritual venture negotiation techniques: find the Holy in their work (chap. 7) and many tracks oldest access of wealth.

the business success of God

Rabbi Brackman and Sam Jaffe share with a personal and direct style. In terms of progress, they say, “a good man of business never surrender your business luck. The moment you start to blame invisible forces (the market, currency traders…) is the moment that you relinquish control… you are responsible to act… “

the authors use language that connects and relates to readers.” Maintaining relevant communication stating that, “If you have built your own business you know that to be successful, you have to be a self-starter. For that, sheer determination and the strength is not enough. Thing is necessary to achieve their goal–and that is passion. “

Rabbi Brackman and Sam Jaffe show far-sighted vision for the business. Talk about negotiation, share that “the key to winning a negotiation is conocimiento-conocimiento yourself, your negotiating partner knowledge and expertise on the fair value of the offer… Do your homework with regard to the situation of the other party”.

encouraging words intended to raise readers in Victoria. Authors state, “while the majority of companies make mistakes, you should not never label your business failure. When your business seems to be failing, look for lining of silver to all successful businesses have been at that time, but they have overcome.” Success comes to those who do not quit smoking.

the spirituality is a central theme. The authors declared that business to gain wealth must not produce any blame, but “Spiritual entrepreneur, wealth creation is to make a better world and most holy place”.

lessons of success of businesses

Rabbi Levi Brackman and Sam Jaffe share powerful Jewish wisdom for business success lessons.


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