Book Review – Selling Retail – Book One by John Lawhon

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one of the sellers lowest highest paying in America has written a two-part course in the art of selling retail.

if I were to try to get through this as soon as possible, you could simply say that the first book of Mr. Lawhon in this series is mainly based on two premises. To succeed, a retail seller must:

A. Be able to recognize the real needs of the customer and

B. Be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary not only to meet those needs but to help the customer to realize what their needs really are.

the Mr. Lawhon presents the case that people of good sales, i.e., professional, successful and highly paid, will work to achieve these two objectives. Those who enter the profession of sales without these learning skills and the adoption of this attitude only become “order takers”, which will never reach the potential presented by a sales position in retail. In summary, Mr. Lawhon believes that sales professionals more high quality and truly successful are not born, but achieve success through learning and practice.

the Mr. Lawhon is based on the lessons of their own years of selling furniture and an extensive body of research personal to make or illustrate your points. For example, explains why the approach the customer is so important, and also explains how to make that approach… and why. He believes that each approach to a client must be a genuinely joyful way beginning to break the wall erected by many customers. Then believe in communicating with the client, both for “break the ice more ‘ and open lines genuine communication as well.”

this opening and expansion of communication is fundamental, because it is through this that the truly competent sales person will begin to know the customer and their needs. As noted above, is this recognition of the needs of the customer that will allow professional sales begin to illustrate and apply the knowledge and skills that will be “tools of the trade” by which the sales professional will be able to help the customer find the product that really meet their real needs rather than a product which will provide only partial satisfaction seeking.

in order to guide the reader through the entire process of sale by retail, or at least the parts in this first book, Mr. Lawhon has divided his book into three main sections:

I. Revelations

in this section, the author reveals 11 basic principles that will be of value to the reader. Many of these seem to be taken from the experiences of the author, and makes extensive use of storytelling and parable to illustrate the various points.

in one chapter, for example (viejo feo was a dog), explains that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He uses the example of how he taught his sales staff to sell what most seems a horrible sofa just come to understand that there would be still some people who seems perfect and that for these people, the sofa is sold without their help, but could lose the sale by openly or tacitly to express their opinion about beauty , or lack of it, of a piece of furniture (in this case) until the customer had expressed his opinion.

after having used the history of the old ugly to make a basic point, elaborated by pointing out several lessons to be learned from this a simple story. In this case, for example, explains that until you know what the customer needs and wants, including their perception of “beauty”, you may be trying to sell something that does not come the same way that do. This is very counterproductive, since it is easier to sell someone something they like rather than they like something it sufficiently well as to buy it if you don’t really care for it.

II. groups of knowledge

based on his personal experience, Mr. Lawhon believes that a high-level sales professional should have five groups of knowledge at your fingertips.

* knowledge of their products and those of its competitors.

* knowledge of their inventory and that of its competitors.

* knowledge of their advertising and their competitors.

* knowledge of your credit plan and that of its competitors.

* knowledge of its policies and its competitors.

with the fact that 75% of sales are made in 25% of the sales people, the author explains and elaborates on how competition in these five areas can help put the reader in the 25% that are doing the majority of the sales! Also shows how to accurately assess and meet the needs of the customer by means of these five groups of knowledge, seller with greater precision and success will enable the goal of achieving real customer satisfaction and a sale of the appropriate element to the right person with minimal effort during the sales process itself.

within this section, the author also gives important tips on how to go about the acquisition of the five groups of knowledge.

III. technical sales

having previously established a summary of some general philosophies of sale, in this final section, the author really starts to give instructions about the process of sale if same, focusing on greeting and approach to customer, your wishes and needs and make the selection of products that must meet them want and qualification needs.

at the end of this book and in the preparation of two books of “Retail”, Mr. Lawhon makes some valuable points.

he simply indicates that once they have acquired the five groups of knowledge received from the client, qualified to your needs and desires and I made a selection present, sale has still not started… and is the subject of book two.


Book Review – The Second Civil War, How Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America

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Ronald Brownstein in this short and concise book of 2009 has been a complete and accurate account of the recent events of the ugly, partisan of the policy. It provides a backdrop and the history of some of the contributing factors and events that have led to this regrettable period of United States political intrigue and competition – some of the most divisive since the Civil War.

after having been a teacher of secondary problems of today’s world and the political science during the Decade of 1980-2000, can attest to the accuracy of the events of the time. This book begins with the speech’s very partisan retirement of speaker of the House of representatives, Tom Delay, Republican, and continues with the ultra-leftists on-line as the Daily Kos and, as well as the position of the description of Brownstein as extreme leading Democrat – those who, like Howard Dean and Harry Reid… blamed them for the escalation of the “scorched earth” , highly partisan politics in our current day. Also, in this story, the author completely covers the main period of time until the 2000s.

the problems cited by the author in 2007 are the same problems we have nine years of that time period. Without compromise, there can be no agreement or the resolution of those problems, or even an agreement of what problems, or the use of a federal bureaucracy growing to correct problems of perception. A fascinating section says ex-Governor George W. Bush, as Governor of Texas and serving with a democratic majority in the legislature of the State, committed and was well known as “a Kingdom, not a divider”. Brownstein was on the verge of Bush’s attempt to duplicate this result, but without success. Democratic leaders would have none of that commitment or even cooperation at the federal level. Brownstein compares this lack of cooperation and the pursuit of partisan politics extreme divisions over slavery – therefore, the comparison to the Civil War. I wonder what you think the author about the purely partisan passage of the so-called “Affordable Care Act”.

this is a very beneficial and informative book that contributes to the conversation — a conversation that will lead you to another era of cooperation with optimism. Hopefully, that can solve the problems of the federal debt of the out-of-hand and budget deficits, the looming power of the federal Government, as well as the stagnation of the economy and the creeping, low reported problem of unemployment.


Book Review – The Legend of Bass Reeves

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the legend of the low Reeves: be the true and the story fictional of the more bold Marshall in the West

(Gary Paulsen, Wendy lamb books)

ten years low Reeves and his mother were slaves in the ranch of the Lord. Low had managed the ranch almost by itself same. There are other slave in the ranch called flowers, who not could talk because “…” He was never beaten and beaten, and part of his brain closed did thought.” The three worked under the watchful eye of the petty Lord.

when Mister drank he got even meaner. He taught bass to play cards, so he could have some company. After low got good cards Mister put the money for the low play, starting from five cents until came to fifty cents. One night when I had low won all his money, Mister had bet low its and freedom of his mother. Bass was almost 17 and longing to be a free man.

then he caught Mister deceptions. Mister threw his letters and hit low on the head. Low hit him from behind. Enraged, Mister pulled his gun on bass. Knowing that he was about to die, low hit him with a glass of whisky. Lord went down. Low believed that he had killed Mister. When he heard the shooting, his mother came running. At no time, under ran for his life, never to see his mother again. He fled to Indian territory and began his life as a free man.

low survived in deer and Buffalo that he sought. He learned to read the sounds and movements to its around. Once he had to kill two men in self-defense. Again that saved a girl’s Creek (Indian) be killed by three wolves. He lived with the Creek nation for 22 years.

the historical legend of Bass Reeves really began when I was fifty-one. The Government of United States needed to someone familiar with the territory Indian that a marshall and recruited to Bass Reeves. From 1862 until 1907 under Reeves was a United States Marshall on fugitives. In 1907, the city of Muskogee called eighty one years under Reeves to the Sheriff of the town. His story is exciting and worthy of research.


Book Review – Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy

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many people know Tony Dungy as the NFL coach who Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl in 2007. You can also know see it on television as an announcer and only see their gestures that is a decent man. But many of us have no idea about his upbringing and the people and experiences he did who is today. Quiet strength is a memory that was written after the victory in the super bowl of Dungy and one of the most striking of his life.

the book takes us through the life of Tony in chronological order, beginning with his childhood and home life. Dungy had two direct parents, Morales. He mentions in his book how instills a sense of calm on it and the difference between good and evil. Dungy always says when he gets frustrated or want to deal with someone, you must think of what his father used to tell him and find out if scream to achieve anything and actually improve their situation. You know from the beginning of the book that Dungy is and has always been a family man.

as a teenager, Tony was an excellent athlete. He played football and basketball in high School varsity. As a tall, slim, muscular young man, he excelled in basketball and was a quarterback on the football team. In fact it was so good that he went to play football at the University of Minnesota. Dungy played a solid four-year golden moles and thought that had a solid chance to play in the NFL. One thing, however, he did not have the typical stats build or University of a quarterback in the NFL and would have to work your way to a professional team the hard way. He was skeptical about what wrote, and his suspicions turned out to be just as he never received a call from a pro team. However, the Steelers eventually gave him a chance and signed him as a free agent to play in their defensive backfield.

Dungy did most of his time in the Steelers organization. It felt comfortable in Pittsburgh because ownership was more like a family to him only a head. He made the team as a defensive back because of its smaller size and won a Super Bowl during the short time that was there. Dungy went on to play for the best team at the time and ended up with a ring during one of his three years as a player. While playing professional football, he knew that his days in the NFL were limited, and it is necessary to think about other work that could carry out once they end their days playing. As an intelligent young man who had experience as a quarterback’s field and the defensive back, was in a unique position to become a great coach.

Tony carried out various coaching jobs for teams such as the Minnesota Golden moles in the NCAA and Pittsburgh Steelers, chiefs Kansas City and Minnesota Vikings of the NFL. Dungy knew all the right people in the teams that played for and accelerated her career due to his diligence and character. His first head coaching job came after several years of being a coach Coordinator and Assistant. GLAZERS, owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired him as their coach. The GLAZERS and Dungy had a great relationship throughout his career in Tampa Bay. They supported completely to him and direct ideas on the implementation of a complete football team. Dungy ended up bringing his team to the NFC Championship several years in a row, but could never reach the big game. The GLAZERS decided to release coach Dungy. Not only did get fired, but his coaching staff also. This is what bothered Tony He felt that he could find another job in the NFL, but he had a terrible time knowing their assistant coaches, hand picked by coach Dungy, don’t have such a future.

not long after being fired from the Buccaneers organization and does not know what Dios had planned for him, coach Dungy returned home one day to find a message from the owner of the Indianapolis Colts. Colts owner told him that recently fired its coach and knew that Tony would be the perfect fit for the position of head coach in Indianapolis. Tony and his new boss would be developing a team of football as part of the community, not only to win games. Tony ideas of morality, self-accountability and first family of his players would work well in Indianapolis.

coach Dungy inherited an exceptional crime in Indianapolis, led by Peyton Manning. The Defense needed work and trust, but with the help of Dungy, quickly they were playing in a completely different level. The team began to make the playoffs every year where they usually found their rivals, the New England Patriots. The Patriots usually has the best Colts, but not in 2007. Dungy won almost all the regular season games, beat everyone in the playoffs and then destroyed the Bears Chicago of the NFL Super Bowl. Coach Dungy became the first African American coach to win the Super Bowl, and instantly knew I had to apply their knowledge and reputation to make the world a better place. Dungy knew as a successful black man with a very important title and a championship of the world on their behalf, could make an impact.

Tony Dungy has always been a very busy man, working seven days a week, usually with only a few hours sleep. However, he has always found time to do works of charity. This includes the work of the Church, from charities with his wife, Lauren and running all Pro Dad. This organization focuses on parents from across the nation in better people to do and teach these men to be there for their children. The concept is simple, yet deeply important. Imagine how many children in this world do not know that their parents and how not to have a male presence in his life. Dad Pro all teaches parents and figures male even to be role models for youngsters in the world.

while coach Dungy has proven to be a noble person and a great man, is making behind the scenes that really makes it big; It puts his family first and always makes his number one priority. Not only Tony and Laura have many children of their own, they have begun to adopt. Since they are in a position that is lucky in the world and economically wealthy, they have made a better life for black children orphans. Who has children knows that it can be a blessing, but difficult times. Often in life, children can bring happiness incredible, but also sad moments as well. The first child adopt Tony and Laura you are missing a critical gene that allows you to feel pain. Since the child cannot feel pain, parents should see the child at all times to ensure that he is not doing anything that could harm him without knowing it.

most of coach Dungy book is edifying and a positive atmosphere, but there is a part of the book that takes the reader by the surprise. During the season of Championship 2007 Dungy, he received a call in the middle of the night. We all know that the average night calls are never good, and this call was heart breaking; Coach Dungy’s son, Jamie, had committed suicide. Dungy says repeatedly that he will never know what caused Jamie take her own life, but knows that Jamie had put God first in your life and is certainly in heaven now. It is very sad to read about terrible things that happen to these great people, but Dungy put a positive spin on the situation. He said that Jamie blessed his life for eighteen years and reminding for all the joy that he brought. Jamie never had an enemy and makes friends very easily. What Tony Dungy wrote on Jamie, it is very clear that Jamie was as good of a person as his father.

after reading memories of coach Dungy, one thing is clear: coach Dungy lives his life to God. Life will put you through the highest moments of high and the lowest of lows. What makes us different and special is how we react to these situations. Dungy has learned to persevere through the difficult points in life and to remain modest through the moments of championship caliber. Tony Dungy is a model for everyone and we can all learn a positive lesson from reading his book. This book is rated 5 of 5.


Book Review – Bad Land, An American Romance

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bad land of Johnathan Raban: An American Romance brilliantly descriptive describes efforts of farmers and ranchers, the late 19TH century and early 20TH century, to earn a living in the highly questionable land. This land, more than the same Montana Eastern and the Western Dakota could have been described as land marginal, but Mission of Raban has made abundantly clear that these lands were less marginal.

companies federal railway and the Government would benefit by having the settlers of this region. Your benefits: there would be more products to send back and forth and travel to this region would be much better. However, as Raban documents and I have seen first hand, this marginal land had superficial topsoil, patterns of strong winds, low precipitation and extremely cold winters; and rarely were rewarded the efforts to cultivate the barren land.

this book was written in a casual and friendly manner as the author walked this region and examine some of the farms. It is drama, in fact as Raban explored the remains of these many farms failed. He even found a book that describes the best method to thrive in these arid farms. The book was titled scientific techniques of dry farming Campbell and was subtitled the camel by the Sahara desert and the method of Campbell to the American desert . According to the meteorological data any area with an average annual rainfall of less than three inches per year would be classified as a desert region. This region of Eastern Montana certainly is considered desert than an average of less than three inches of rain a year.

as Raban, too, have walked this earth, but I walked for a different reason. I was in search of sharp-tailed grouse and the elusive sage grouse. I was surprised, those many years ago, they have seen so many remains – remains of rotten and fallen, broken and grey windmills of outbuildings, barns and House as well, vacated foundations of rock, fence of barbed wire rusty long, fence posts that rotted and lying on the ground and espacio-espacio wide open space without end…. Raban book told the story of the many courageous humans trying to produce in this infinitely poor homesteading land, poor land. The Government leaflets and brochures of the railroad were not, doubt, less false, if not simply lies.

Raban had an inspiring idea to write this story, and continued through – bright inspiration, first-hand research and writing highly descriptive!


How to Conclude a Book Review

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write a review is great especially if you learn something new from it. But when comes to conclude its review of the book, how is it?

in book reviews, the conclusion is designed to reflect the focus of the rest of the piece. The idea is to leave the reader with a clearly articulated and well polished (with the help of a grammar-quality software) final evaluation that brings together all the ideas presented throughout the review.

what components should come into conclusions of your book reviews?

  1. a reaffirmation of the phrase of the subject. This helps cool the main direction of its report for the reader and is a phrase most preferable opening to its conclusion, as compared to the usual approach of giving space to less important issues, such as format of book and similar details.
  2. overview of previously established ideas. It placed emphasis on the primary and material qualities of the book reviewing for the details of your summary, rather than arbitrary (regardless of how you stand out to be). It helps to summarize the discussion for the reader, establish a better context of its final declaration.
  3. a phrase of closing memorable and exhilarating that imparts its recommendation end. Designed to cement its recommendation to the reader, allows you to leave a final thought that supports your general opinion of the book. You can write as a declarative sentence or in the form of a question, for effect. Any extra attention here: the most elegant and impressive, most likely is the reader to heed your advice.


Book Review: Culmination by Holly Smith

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the apocalypse is a fairly popular subject when it comes to books and movies. Importantly, offer a prospect with a tint of freshness to it. the culmination uses this theme as a backdrop to highlight the human condition and how people might react in the most difficult situations.

while a couple is enjoying of those first moments together as newly married, his Moon of honey changes drastically due to a fault electric total, that soon will learn was a phenomenon global. But they are at least not alone, since more people with those who soon become close friends. Turns out that two of their new acquaintances are Survivalists that they have prepared much for the dawn of civilization. Therefore, the group moves in a cave of high-end, equipped with everything they need to survive in the luxury. However, even if things should have ran smoothly, since everything was planned, it seems that seriously has overlooked an element, human nature and the cost of this monitoring is to be discovered in the pages of the book. In fact, Holly Smith offers a good example of a self fulfilling prophecy, if you think that something is going to happen quite strong, will shape your perception of reality in a way that seeing it done.

completion is a nice addition to the growing literature on the Apocalypse, reflects the focus on human nature and the way in which is dissected in formation of Holly Smith as a psychologist. However, I would not recommend this reading for all ages, as there are some contained graphics throughout the novel; young however, if it is quite interesting. Readers are confronted with some rather controversial issues which can lead to some heated debates. In fact, invites you to an exercise of imagination and consider their alternatives and actions in such a situation. In addition, some of the characters are a little one-dimensional; It seems a little too focused on just one aspect, as cooking. They also tend to overlap. This is observable primarily in their similar expression patterns. How the plot, will although sometimes the action is predictable, there are some fascinating twists outweighing this aspect. However, the most striking aspect is the ability of the author to handle the perspective of the reader. Holly Smith the culmination is above all, about the resistance of the civilization and the vulnerability of humanity.