Social Media Provides Quick Look into My Life and Business

I recently spent a week in Florida visiting my brother, his wife and their two sons. My nephews are very into all things technical and love communicating with their friends via social media. While my brother had to spend a day of my visit finishing up a work project, I spent the time with my nephews learning that my Facebook account was lame and downloading Snapchat to share some of my vacation photos. I was worried about a snapchat password hack but my eldest nephew explained that my photos on Snapchat would be set to only be viewable for a few seconds and were not meant to be anything more than quick fun photos of what I was seeing in the world around me and nothing that I would feel uncomfortable or worried about posting.

After downloading the app and adding my nephews as friends, I received some photos from them that were silly and fun little glimpses into their personalities. My eldest nephew liked doing selfies with goofy expressions on his face while my younger nephew took photos of the car he had saved his money for years to buy. I snapped a couple of photos and posted them and was amazed at how quickly they showed up and then were gone, but the most fun I had was searching for the Snapchat accounts of several celebrities I enjoy and was amazed at how active they were in posting photos. I could easily envision myself using the app in somewhat the same way to show great shopping finds, get reactions to outfits I was thinking of wearing or buying and practice taking photos of the decorated cut out cookies I was working on for my home baking business.

While I will most likely never be a social media expert like my nephews, I can see that it does have a very useful place for communicating with my friends, family and potential customers.

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