Stable Living for My Sister and I

How did we end up at the regency? Moving around with your family when your father is serving in the military is not what my sister and I would call a fun lifestyle. We couldn’t do anything about it when we younger except bounce around with Dad and Mom as we moved from base to base. We lived all over the United States and in many European countries as well. My sister and I used to play a game in which we tried to list all the places we lived over the years. Invariably, one of us would forget a couple of them. That’s how many times we moved.

Once we turned eighteen, however, we vowed that we would move out of the house and set up our own place. We just wanted to get that sense of stability that we lacked for most of our lives. The problem was finding the right place. Since we lived all over the world and around the country, we had a pretty good idea about where we wanted to go. We wanted a warm climate in a state that had a booming economy. As everyone probably knows, that meant Texas. We decided on San Antonio because my sister got a job there right off the bat.

We found an amazing apartment complex stuffed to the gills with beautiful and necessary amenities, and we couldn’t believe that it is located in the nice part of town. When we saw the rent, we couldn’t believe it and jumped on the unit right away. For what we’re paying it’s a lot of fun to tell people where we live and watch them express surprise. That’s where millionaires live! Well, that’s true but we also live near a lot of non-millionaires and we love it! The apartment is so nice neither one of us wants to waste time looking for anything else.

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