The Power of Vision by George Barna: A Book Review


George Barna is the founder of the Group Barna, a company of research of marketing. Barna has written other books on leadership and growth of the Church, for example, the power of leadership and grow your church from the outside, however, Barna said in the introduction to the power of the vision that he had never before, “had a book that seemed written for me and not for me”. In this book, Barna makes emphasis in the importance of that them pastors and leaders of the Church for discover the vision of Dios for your Ministry and the Church. Although “vision” is a popular topic in business and in the administration of the Church, Barna says that some churches, believers or even senior pastors have a understanding of the vision of God for Ministry. This book contains simple and straightforward principles to discover God’s vision, to cast the vision and help others the and for the implementation of the vision of the glory of God.

the main objective of Barna in the power of the vision of writing is for pastors and leaders to discover the vision of God for his Ministry and then to develop and implement the vision. In the opinion of this writer, Barna does a good job of achieving the purpose of the book. Barna defines “vision”, “a clear mental image of a preferable future given by God to his chosen servants and is based on an accurate understanding of God, I and the circumstances”. He then divided the definition into four components more: a clear mental image; a better future; a future focus; a teaching of Dios. Throughout the book, Barna refers to the different components of this definition but continually stresses the most important component; vision is provided by God.

Barna also paints a picture clear of a leader visionary enumerating them requirements for the capture of the vision of Dios and describing them features of a visionary. Vision requires knowing to Dios, one same, know and understand circumstances such as the needs, opportunities and barriers. Visionary pastors have, “an urgent need to look for the glory of God doing his work, his form, his vision.” It is common to confuse the mission with vision so Barna emphasizes the difference between a mission and vision statement the leaders. A mission statement defines Ministry and outlines the objectives. It is a general statement about what expected the Church to carry out. It is a statement of vision, “specific, detailed, modified for customized, distinctive and unique to a particular Church” the vision statement put the objectives of the Ministry into action. There are many myths related to the development of the vision for Barna list of twenty of the most common myths and dissipates with the reality of true vision.

the book also goes into great detail to discuss the benefits of having vision and also covers the barriers and the cost to implement the vision. Most importantly, Barna reminds leaders that the vision must be God centered and not based on personal skills because “the vision of the man is wrong”. The values and desires of the leader should align with the heart of God. A vision of God is perfect, blessed and inspired and has a single objective, which is to glorify him.

the things in this book that I consider the strengths are in the first place, it is easy to read. The book is written in simple language and short instead of being filled with confusing jargon. Secondly, the book offers detailed and accurate information in a very direct way, straight forward. Third and most importantly, Barna God gives the glory for the inspiration for this book.

anyone with an earnest desire to be an effective leader seeks ways to improve their skills, but few people have time to read large books cluttered with technical jargon, confusing. Barna offers relevant information in a simple format. Although the book is reasonably short in length, it is not short on substance. Barna begins with a definition of the vision that helps to bring a better understanding of what “vision” really means. Vision is having an idea clear or image in the mind of the future that they prefer. However, the key to the vision is that should be the vision of Dios given to a leader instead of only the preferred: future that an individual can have for the Church. All those pastors want it best for his Church and can have large ideas and plans for the future but will have success only of Dios plans for the future. Barna not only explains the process of capture, casting and implementation of vision, also provides information on ideas erroneous with regard to the vision. In the chapter three, Barna explains the difference between vision and mission because the two are confused often. It corrects then to twenty of them myths more common about her vision. Often is more easy to understand how do something correctly if one understands first what were doing wrong.

although I am not a pastor, nor am I an in a position of leadership in a church, I enjoyed reading the power of vision. Any that look for the address in connection with the called of Dios for them in the Ministry must read this book. As part of the body of Christ, all the Christian have a purpose and a work to do in the Ministry. Discover the vision of Dios for the life and Ministry is important for all the people of Dios. Is especially important for those shepherds because are called to guide the flock. Have a clear vision imparted by Dios will give to pastors address for driving with efficiency. This book is inspiring and challenging and would make an addition valuable to any library of the pastor.

Barna, George. The power of the vision. 3rd ed. Ventura, CA: Regal / Gospel light, 2009.


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