The Tree Was Costing Me Too Much Money

When my sewer pipes were backed up, I hired a professional to come out and inspect my drains. The news he gave me was not good. There is an old tree about ten feet away from the pipes, and the roots were slowly overtaking it. I knew that I was going to have to take care of both issues, the one with the pipes as well as the tree itself. I contacted a company that does tree removal in Long Island, and they came out to give me a free estimate on what could be done.

I had been feeling bad about wanting to take the tree down in the first place, but I just could not afford to keep replacing the pipes since the roots were evidently strong. The good news, in a way, was that the tree was not as healthy as I had thought it was, so taking it down was actually the right thing to do anyway. They gave me the estimate on taking the tree down, including removing the stump and the roots, and it was a really good offer. I immediately agreed to it, and they scheduled a day when they could come out and do it.

It was interesting to watch them work. The tree was quite high, and they were able to take it down in sections with the help of their bucket truck. My kids wanted to go out and help them, and I had to laugh at that. I knew that was the last thing professional tree cutters needed! Once the tree was safely down, I did let the boys get a little closer, and they got to see the tree branches get ground up into wood chips, which they thought was really cool. For me, what was really cool was knowing this tree was not going to cause me any more problems!

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